Invoking Sling Servlet from OSGi service or Sling Model using Sling Servlet Helpers

The article discusses how to invoke a Sling servlet from an OSGi service or a Sling Model using Sling Servlet Helpers. The Sling Servlet Helpers bundle provides mock implementations of SlingHttpServletRequest, SlingHttpServletResponse, and related classes, along with SlingInternalRequest and ServletInternalRequest helpers for internal requests. The article outlines the steps to add the necessary dependency, create…

Comparing Stream-Based, Page.listChildren, and Query Builder Methods for Listing AEM Children Pages

The article compares the methods of listing children pages in AEM, including stream-based, page.listChildren, and query builder. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each method and recommends using traversal methods like listChildren() and getChildren() instead of JCR queries for better performance. The article also mentions the use of Sling Query for complex traversal needs.…

Clearing Pending/Stuck/Excess Sling Jobs Safely in AEM

The AEM instance can slow down due to pending or stuck Sling jobs, and even after restarting the system, the queue may not be cleared due to various reasons. This article suggests ways to safely clear all the Sling jobs. Various factors can cause Sling Jobs to remain pending or stuck, such as shutting down…


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About Me

My name is Kiran SG. I am currently working as an AEM architect and handling site revamp and migration. I try to learn new tricks and techniques every day to improve my coding and deliver value-added projects.

All the tricks and techniques sometimes seem to be straightforward working code with best practices. But sometimes it won’t satisfy the developer’s needs. But most of the time code is either lagging to meet the requirement or doesn’t follow best practices.
Hence I am taking the initiative to put all my learnings and tricks in my blog series to share the working code with best practices. Hoping to help other developers like me.

I have been working on AEM for 8 years now. I started my career as a Java developer. I have delivered many projects with a core customer-centric and strong focus on infrastructure and architecture.

If you have any queries related to my blog topics please do connect with me directly on my email and also you can connect with me over LinkedIn and Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Blogs

  1. Hi Kiran,
    Regading Broken Asset References AEM, we followed the same steps as mentioned but not getting the view when we click on Broken asset reference in mcb tool. Could you please suggest me anything else we need to do other than these steps.
    1. We have used dependencies mentioned in article.
    2. Used classes in our existing bundle.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Suresh Babu M V


    1. Hi Suresh,

      I have updated code with retry to make sure the results are reverified again and also please make sure you provide 10000 rows at a time if you repo is big


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