AEM Asset (Repo) Cleanup – ACS Commons Renovator

Problem Statement:

How to clean up the growing repo? How to safely delete all the unwanted assets and pages.


Find the references of all the assets and pages and clean up unreferenced assets and unwanted pages.


You can call the below process as asset, pages references report.

Usually, with growing repo size, we usually do logs rotation and archiving, we also do some compactions (Revision cleanup).

What if we could remove some of the deactivated and unreferenced assets or pages?

How to find references of assets or pages?

Go to the following url https://{domain}/apps/acs-commons/content/manage-controlled-processes.html and click on Start Process and select Renovator process as shown below:

Start Process
Renovator Process

I am trying to check the references of all the assets under the following path:

Source path: /content/dam/wknd/en/activities

And select some random path into the Destination path: /content/dam/wknd/en/magazine

And please do make sure to check the Dry run and Detailed Report checkboxes, if not checked all the assets will be moved to the new folder i.e, /content/dam/wknd/en/magazine

Process fields selections

Once you start the process you would see the process take some time to run and you can click on the process and open the view or download the excel report as shown:

Process result page
View the results popup

Once downloaded delete the following columns:

Remove unwanted columns

You can see some of the rows have empty references and if you think these assets are no more required then you can remove them

Unreferenced rows

How to remove the unreferenced assets or pages safely?

Use the following resource to learn more about:

AEM Publish / UnPublish / Delete List of pages – MCP Process

You can run through the above steps on any of the folders and please make sure to avoid running on root folders or pages like: /content/dam or /content or home pages because would slow down the servers

For more information on how to use the renovator process for

AEM Bulk move pages – MCP

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