AEM Core Component Delegation

Problem Statement:

The article aims to explain the process of delegating OOTB components in AEM and customizing them by adding new parameters and methods.


This article is about delegating the Out Of The Box (OOTB) components of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) using Lombok delegation. The author explains how to add new parameters and methods to the components using delegation. Specifically, the article covers how to delegate the OOTB image component, add custom logic to its existing methods, and introduce new methods such as getCredit() and getSizes().

Delegate OOTB image component and add custom logic on existing methods like getWidth(), getHeight(), and getSrcSet() and also add new methods getCredit() and getSizes()


Any field or no-argument method can be annotated with @Delegate to let Lombok generate delegate methods that forward the call to this field (or the result of invoking this method).

Lombok delegates all public methods of the field’s type (or method’s return type), as well as those of its supertypes except for all methods declared in java.lang.Object.

You can pass any number of classes into the @Delegate annotation’s types parameter. If you do that, then Lombok will delegate all public methods in those types (and their supertypes, except java.lang.Object) instead of looking at the field/method’s type.

All public non-Object methods that are part of the calculated type(s) are copied, whether or not you also wrote implementations for those methods. That would thus result in duplicate method errors. You can avoid these by using the @Delegate(excludes=SomeType.class) parameter to exclude all public methods in the excluded type(s), and their supertypes.

The below image shows how the Lombok delegation happens:

Lombok request handling and delegation
Lombok request delegation

Whenever we make a request to a class (for the Image Sling model) the Lombok delegation will copy all the public methods and exclude the methods which we want to override and provide the custom implementation to those methods.

Image Component Delegation

For our requirement, I am creating a class called ImageDelegate and implementing the Image component interface.

I will be making the call to the Image component using @self via ResourceSuperType and using @Delegate annotation I will be excluding some of the methods inside DelegationExclusion interface class

I will be adding custom code to the overridden methods and also I am able to introduce new methods getCredit(), getSizes()

package com.mysite.core.models.impl;

import com.adobe.cq.export.json.ExporterConstants;
import com.adobe.cq.wcm.core.components.models.Image;
import com.drew.lang.annotations.Nullable;
import lombok.experimental.Delegate;
import org.apache.commons.lang3.StringUtils;
import org.slf4j.Logger;
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;
import java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets;

@Model(adaptables = SlingHttpServletRequest.class, adapters = {
}, resourceType = ImageDelegate.RESOURCE_TYPE, defaultInjectionStrategy = DefaultInjectionStrategy.OPTIONAL)
@Exporter(name = ExporterConstants.SLING_MODEL_EXPORTER_NAME, extensions = ExporterConstants.SLING_MODEL_EXTENSION)
public class ImageDelegate implements Image {
  private static final Logger LOGGER = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ImageDelegate.class);
  public static final String RESOURCE_TYPE = "mysite/components/content/image";
  public static final String CONTENT_DAM_PATH = "/content/dam";
  public static final String HTTPS = "https://";
  public static final String PN_DISPLAY_SIZES = "sizes";
  public static final String WIDTH = "{.width}";

  private ResourceResolver resourceResolver;

  protected Resource resource;

  @ValueMapValue(injectionStrategy = InjectionStrategy.OPTIONAL)
  protected String credit;

  protected Style currentStyle;

  @RequestAttribute(injectionStrategy = InjectionStrategy.OPTIONAL)
  String host;

  @Via(type = ResourceSuperType.class)
  @Delegate(excludes = DelegationExclusion.class)
  private Image image;

  public String getSrc() {
    return prepareSuffix(image.getSrc());

  public String getWidth() {
    return DamUtil.resolveToAsset(resourceResolver.resolve(image.getFileReference())).getMetadataValueFromJcr(DamConstants.TIFF_IMAGEWIDTH);

  public String getHeight() {
    return DamUtil.resolveToAsset(resourceResolver.resolve(image.getFileReference())).getMetadataValueFromJcr(DamConstants.TIFF_IMAGELENGTH);

  public String getSrcset() {
    int[] widthsArray = image.getWidths();
    String srcUritemplate = image.getSrcUriTemplate();
    String[] srcsetArray = new String[widthsArray.length];
    if (widthsArray.length > 0 && srcUritemplate != null) {
      String srcUriTemplateDecoded = "";
      try {
        srcUriTemplateDecoded = HTTPS + host + prepareSuffix(URLDecoder.decode(srcUritemplate,;
      } catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {
        LOGGER.error("Character Decoding failed for {}", resource.getPath());
      if (srcUriTemplateDecoded.contains(WIDTH)) {
        for (int i = 0; i < widthsArray.length; i++) {
          if (srcUriTemplateDecoded.contains("=" + WIDTH)) {
            srcsetArray[i] = srcUriTemplateDecoded.replace(WIDTH, String.format("%s", widthsArray[i])) + " " + widthsArray[i] + "w";
          } else {
            srcsetArray[i] = srcUriTemplateDecoded.replace(WIDTH, String.format(".%s", widthsArray[i])) + " " + widthsArray[i] + "w";
        return StringUtils.join(srcsetArray, ',');
    return null;

  public String getCredit() {
    if (StringUtils.isEmpty(credit)) {
      return DamUtil.resolveToAsset(resourceResolver.resolve(image.getFileReference())).getMetadataValueFromJcr(DamConstants.DC_CREATOR);
    return credit;

  public String getSizes() {
    return currentStyle.get(PN_DISPLAY_SIZES, StringUtils.EMPTY);

  private String prepareSuffix(String imageSrc) {
    if (StringUtils.isNotEmpty(imageSrc) && !StringUtils.containsIgnoreCase(imageSrc, CONTENT_DAM_PATH)) {
      int endIndex = imageSrc.lastIndexOf(SlingPostConstants.DEFAULT_CREATE_SUFFIX);
      String intermittenResult = imageSrc.substring(0, endIndex);
      endIndex = intermittenResult.lastIndexOf(SlingPostConstants.DEFAULT_CREATE_SUFFIX);
      return intermittenResult.substring(0, endIndex) + image.getFileReference();
    return imageSrc;

  private interface DelegationExclusion {
    String getSrc();
    String getSrcset();
    String getWidth();
    String getHeight();

Sightly code:

Sightly call to the Image component will remain the same but I will be getting overridden method returns and new method returns as well

<div data-sly-use.image="com.adobe.cq.wcm.core.components.models.Image"
     itemscope itemtype="">
    <a data-sly-unwrap="${!image.imageLink.valid}"
       data-cmp-clickable="${ ? true : false}">
        <img srcset="${image.srcset}" src="${image.src}"
             loading="${image.lazyEnabled ? 'lazy' : 'eager'}"
             class="cmp-image__image cmp-image__image@tablet"
             width="${image.width}" height="${image.height}"
             alt="${image.alt || true}" title="${image.displayPopupTitle && image.title}"/>
    <span class="cmp-image__title" itemprop="caption" data-sly-test="${!image.displayPopupTitle && image.title}">${image.title}</span>
    <meta itemprop="caption" content="${image.title}" data-sly-test="${image.displayPopupTitle && image.title}">
<sly data-sly-call="${templates.placeholder @ isEmpty = !image.src, classAppend = 'cmp-image cq-dd-image'}"></sly>
sizes int the image
The image is from the wknd site

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