AEM Bulk move pages – MCP Renovator

Problem statement:

How to bulk move pages from one location to another location?


  1. Bulk move some of the pages from one location to another location
  2. Update the references of the page.
  3. Deactivate moved pages and delete
  4. Publish moved references
  5. Publish moved pages


Out of the box, AEM doesn’t support move option/operation for more than one selection of pages. However, we can use the MCP renovator process to bulk move the exiting pages from one location to another location.

Create an excel sheet containing the following columns:

  1. Source – source path of the page
  2. Destination – destination path and if you want to rename the page you do as well
bulk move excel sheet

For Eg:

Source: /content/wknd/language-masters/en/magazine

Destination: /content/wknd/language-masters/en/revenue

In the above example, the magazine page will be renamed to revenue

Go to the MCP process path http://{domain}}/apps/acs-commons/content/manage-controlled-processes.html, select Renovator process upload the excel sheet and use the following options as per your needs. If you select replication MCP queue will activate only references but won’t activate the moved pages.

Renovator process

Dry run the process to validate for any errors in the excel sheet and select the detailed report to view complete move related changes.

Process options selection


Renovator satisfy all 5 requirements but for the 6th requirement, you can use the below process to activate all the moved pages and you upload the same excel sheet and below process will only look into the destination column

AEM Publish / UnPublish / Delete List of pages – MCP Process

5 thoughts on “AEM Bulk move pages – MCP Renovator

      1. 10.11.2022 09:48:37.844 *ERROR* [ [1668073717842] POST /etc/acs-commons/manage-controlled-processes/jcr:content.start.json HTTP/1.1] Unable to create resource named manage-controlled-processes in /etc/acs-commons
        10.11.2022 09:48:37.844 *ERROR* [ [1668073717842] POST /etc/acs-commons/manage-controlled-processes/jcr:content.start.json HTTP/1.1] Exception during response processing.

        Found the above error in error logs


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