AEM MCP based Bulk Replication

Problem statement:

How to bulk replicate (Publish/Unpublish) pages in AEM using MCP?


Use bulk replication other than the OOTB tree activation tool and using MCP add a different replication agent instead of the default agent.


Usually for bulk replication we usually use the OOTB tree activation page and select the path to start the bulk replication i.e, activation only.

Activation Tree
start path and activate

MCP provides an easier way and with better UI to run bulk activation. You can also create a separate replication agent other than default agent so that existing authoring replication or existing schedulers won’t be blocked.

You can use the MCP queue to replicate synchronously and the default queue to replicate asynchronously. For pages more than 10K its recommended to use MCP 10k Queue

Select the Tree Activation:

Go to MCP page url: http://{domain}/apps/acs-commons/content/manage-controlled-processes.html

Select Tree Activation process

Provide the path of the page and select all for “What to Publish” and MCP Queue based on your requirement.

Provide an agent if you are using a different agent for bulk replication and select action to bulk publish or unpublish the pages.

Tree Activation Options

For excel sheet based activation use:

AEM Publish / UnPublish / Delete List of pages – MCP Process

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