AEM Create package using a list of paths

Problem Statement:

How to create a package using a list of paths?


Create a package for a list of paths using the ACS commons query package tool


Usually, when we try to create a package of content from the lowers or prod environment, we provide a list of pages we are trying to create a package for by going into the edit.

Add filters

What about the assets related to those pages? Again, you need to get the list of assets and edit the package.

Is there a way we can create a package using the ACS Commons tool?

The simple answer is Yes.

Go to using http://{domain}/miscadmin#/etc/acs-commons/packagers and create a page using Query Packager template as shown:

Create Query Packager page

Open the page and edit the configuration and fill the fileds

  1. Add package details
  2. Select query language has List
  3. Paste the all the paths
  4. Make sure if you want only the page in the list then add “/jcr:content” else it will get child pages as well
  5. Save and click on create package
  6. If you want package from publisher env, then activate the page and go to the miscadmin path and click on the create package
Fill the Query configuration

Unfortunately, it won’t show if the package is created or not but if you go to crx/packmgr url you will see the package

example package

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